Enlighten – WIE

Enlighten, the WIE STAR program, is the most awaited program of the year. It enables the student volunteers to brush up their technical knowledge and don the roles of teachers, for a day. The program aims to pique high school and higher secondary school...

Python Makeathon

A three day inter-college competition, Python Makeathon, will be organized by IEEE RIT SB’s Computer Society, in collaboration with its WIE affinity group. Teams should comprise of a maximum of four members, with at least one member per team being a girl. Day 1:...

PES – Solar or LED Workshop

Workshops on LED/Solar kit will be held, which includes a lesson on everyday electronics and ways to save electricity. There will also be a distribution of these kits to the underprivileged, as an attempt to spread awareness on this...

WIE Improving technical knowledge of mothers

IEEE RIT SB WIE affinity group plans to conduct a one day program to enhance the technical knowledge of mothers, by teaching them simple, yet useful things like how to change a light bulb, net banking etc.

PES World Energy day Celebration

In observance of World Energy Day(October 22), PES RIT SB is organizing a large number of activities for the students and young professionals, which includes quizzes and talks.