Arduino Workshop

The Student Branch conducted a workshop on Arduino and embedded systems, where students were taught the basics of Arduino programming. They were also given hands-on experience by being made to create simple circuits using the technologies that they had learned.

Annual General Body Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of IEEE RIT Student Branch was held on the 26th of April, 2017 and the SB witnessed its new executive committee take charge. Mr Gitin Jacob George stepped down and Miss Ansu Joseph took his place as the new Chairman.

Zeus 2.0

ZEUS 2.0 was a successful 3-day workshop conducted by IEEE RIT SB on the 24th, 25th and 26th of March 2017. It included workshops on Robotics, 3D printing, Raspberry Pi, WordPress development and managerial workshops. Over 200 students from all over Kerala...

Fabrication Lab visit

The “Fab Lab visit” was held on the 18th of February, and proved to be an excellent opportunity for the student members of IEEE RIT Student Branch to increase their knowledge on digital fabrication. The interested students were taken to a fabrication lab...

Project Presentation

IEEE RIT SB also provided a platform for its students to brush up their knowledge on technology by dividing them into groups and assigning each group a mini project. This gave them a small, yet valuable, experience in working with technology.