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The IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS), founded in 1984, strives to take theory and practice of robotics and automation science and engineering, a step forward. IEEE RAS helps in the exchange of ideas and innovations among its members. RAS is interested in making our world a better place by building robots for human services and space exploration, and using automation in factories, homes, schools and colleges, in order to improve efficiency, performance and reliability.

Upcoming Events

IEEE RIT SB is starting a new student chapter for RAS from July, 2017. It plans to conduct a series of activities to increase its publicity, including quizzes, a project expo and  workshops. IEEE RAS RIT SB intends on ensuring that all its members know the basics of making robots, thereby inspiring its members to create innovative products and ideas. It aims to foster young minds and make them capable of changing the world for a better tomorrow.

Execom Members

Akshay Bharath

Akshay Bharath

RAS Chairperson

Ebey Abraham

Ebey Abraham

RAS Secretary

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