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WIE is an organisational unit of IEEE, overseen by the Women In Engineering Committee, a standing committee of the IEEE board of directors. WIE is a vibrant community of IEEE women and men, innovating tomorrow’s world. The mission of WIE is to inspire, encourage and empower women worldwide. 

IEEE RIT SB WIE affinity group has active members focusing on the empowerment of our female students, engaging them in different activities and advancing women in engineering through a variety of networking and educational programs. It plans to conduct more interactive sessions, designed to foster and increase awareness for women in the fields of engineering and technology.

 Upcoming Events

IEEE RIT SB WIE affinity group plans to conduct a one day program to enhance the technical knowledge of mothers on matters like how to change a lightbulb, net banking etc. 


WIE VOX is a paper presentation competition for female students with the aim of spreading awareness on women’s safety, by coming up with various paper presentations and posters. 

WIE Star

Enlighten, the WIE STAR program, is the most awaited program of the year.

It enables the student volunteers to brush up their technical knowledge and don the roles of teachers, for a day. The program aims to pique high school and higher secondary school students’ curiosity about engineering.

Execom Members

Greety Joy

Greety Joy

WIE Chairperson

Renjima Rajan

Renjima Rajan

WIE Vice Chairperson



WIE Secretary

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